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Loco Ropes Testimonies include:

"LocoRopes was the kids' favorite part of our vacation."

"AWESOME< AWESOME< AWWWWE SOMMMMMMM experince!!!  went back for more yesterday!"


"You guys should check them out before the season closes on Nov 30. Waaaay fun time!!"

"AMAAAAZING Adrena"line" filled 4 hours...END OF THE LINE >>>THE ONLY WAY TO GO ^__^ THANK YOU ~"

"Like nothing I've ever done in my 54 years and way exceeded my expectations!!! All three ropes courses were a blast but I especially liked the height and difficulty of Loco Line 3.... got the adrenaline flowing. A great feeling being up in the trees in a beautifully wooded ravine. The "flying pig" zipline was a diff...erent kind of thrill. I love the way the tower is inside the forest like a 3-story tree house!" 

"My husband and I had a blast doing all three courses. We too are a little sore from using some muscles we apparently don't use enough. What an adrenaline rush!!  Thanks to the Loco crew, they are fantastic. Can't wait to take some friends." 

"Thank you for such a fun time! I can't wait to go back!"  

"Our boys (8 & 6) loved it. The short line was great for them. Enough to get their heart pounding, but easy enough for them to make it through." 

"My face muscles are sore from laughing sooo much"

Groups “Gone Loco” include Scouts, Schools, Athletic Teams, Corporate, Chamber of Commerce, and Park Managers

Comments shared by others about their lr! Teambuilding experience include:

I cannot say enough how great today.  Bob and the staff were outstanding.  My youth and myself were challenged beyond our imaginations. Bob was a wonderful leader.  In 21 years of youth ministry this was by far the best experience ever.  Thank your staff for us.  We will be back.  I will tell everyone I know about Locoropes.

Great team building. Brought our team together from various backgrounds.  

A great experience to strengthen any organization

... The whole team was an outstanding group of people.  ... as my daughter and I drove home we talked about the whole day and realized how every game/activity that we did earlier in the day mentally prepared us for the ropes.

Bob, I cannot thank you and your wife enough for following dreams and providing a place where people can overcome challenges in their life and leave knowing that they are capable of anything if they put their minds to it. You have a God given gift to reach people. You have greatly impacted my life as well as my daughter's, and we will always be thankful for our time at Loco Ropes. May God continue to bless you and your family.   -A new Loco Fan

Amazing Experience. Transformational. Stresses the most important elements in communication and relationship.  

The Program gives students a chance to overcome fears and build self-confidence in a positive, natural environment

Excellent fun. Great for raising issues of team concepts & character concepts that can be fully fleshed out later. Had an excellent time. Well done!

This experience is one where the bonding with the fellow participants is palpable. The teamwork accomplished within the challenges brings about a sense of cohesiveness and trust.

It was a great way for everyone to become more like a family - we all bonded yet we hardly knew each other this morning.

Thanks for everything today, Bob!  So glad Delta Zeta Asu leaders could spend the afternoon with you.  We learned a lot and had a ton of fun.

It was an incredible experience for our team, that will have lasting effects!

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