Loco Ropes @ Ozark Folk Center State Park, LLC
1025A Park Ave, Mountain View, AR 72560
(888) 669-6717 (870) 269-6566 jobs@locoropes.com
Dear Applicant:
Thanks for your interest in becoming part of the Loco Ropes Crew!
Please read these guidance notes carefully.
When you apply for a job at Loco Ropes, selection for interview is based upon the information you
provide on the application form. With your application form you will have received:
A Job Description this gives you details about the job. It lists the main duties, and job responsibilities you,
as a Loco Ropes employee, will be required to carry out. Also included are essential and desired traits an
applicant must or should possess for consideration.
Some points to bear in mind before you start:
Look carefully at the job description and application form and ask yourself why you are interested in
the job and what qualifications, skills, knowledge, and experience you have which would help you do
the job.
 Please use the application form provided.
 When completed, read through your application carefully and check that each section has been
filled in.
 Sign and date your application and return to:
Loco Ropes! - Or - Email application to admin@locoropes.com
Ozark Folk Center State Park
1025A Park Ave
Mountain View, AR 72560
Points to consider:
If hired as a member of the High Wire Crew and ACCT training is required of you, you will pay
$150.00 toward the cost of your training. This payment will contribute to the overall cost of certifying
you as an ACCT Trained Facilitator, and becoming Red Cross CPR/First Aid/AED certified.
Loco Ropes also requires employees to work in a specific uniform. Each employee will be provided
one uniform shirt. Additional uniform items may be purchased and deducted from employee’s
paychecks. A full-season hire may spend up to $150.00 towards the cost of uniform items, including
several shirts (long and short sleeve) and a fleece jacket and hat for cooler weather.
We will follow up with you after receiving your application.
Many thanks,
Bob Cox
Operations Manager
Mail: mail@locoropes.com