Thank You!

We are thrilled you will be joining us for an End of the Line Treetop Adventure!  Your booking is secured for Tuesday, December 30th, with your arriving at noon to begin at 12:30pm.   

A few things to help you prepare:

* For your convenience, your Waiver Form may be pre-filled using this pdf or on-line by clickling here (password: goloco), or they may be completed upon your arrival.

* Remember that Loco Ropes is an adventure in the trees, so you should not wear anything you wouldn't want to get a little dirty!

* Closed-toe shoes are required (we rent shoes should you forget), long hair pulled back, and no loose jewelry or items worn around the neck

* small cameras may be carried but recommend you have the means for it to be tethered to the harness, or you can bring (or buy from us) an SD card and rent our helmet Go Pros for both hd photos and videos

* For added assurance of eyeglasses staying secure, may consider wearing (or buying from us) eyeglass retainers

* Loco Ropes operates rain or shine, so bring your rain jacket! However the course will be evacuated with a threat of lightning, giving you the choice to wait it out with us or opt for a prorated refund or raincheck.


We look forward to your joining us for an exhilarating and empowering adventure!  Go Loco!