The Loco Crew

Meet the Loco Crew:

Founder/Executive Manager As a mother, Judy Cox was concerned with the lack of opportunities to experience new adventures "loco-ly". Putting her mind to work she developed the idea for Loco Ropes. Judy used her 26 years in the accounting business to begin collaborating resources for getting this project off the ground. She worked for more than 2 years in research, planning, and forming what is now the 1st treetop adventure park in Arkansas! She envisions Loco Ropes to be an opportunity to develop active lifestyles, provide a unique family adventure, and an educational tour of our forest tree tops. She welcomes all to Loco Ropes for what is an unforgettable journey with Tarzan swings, zip lines, suspended bridges, smiles, laughter, and time spent with family and friends.

Operations Manager/Project Development   Bob Cox, a "military brat," was born in San Antonio, Texas and grew up on the East and West Coasts. A lover of the outdoors, his wife, Judy, and he went tent camping during their honeymoon. His interests and hobbies are as varied as the places he's lived. Bob has been backpacking in the mountains of New Mexico, gone salmon fishing in Alaska, sailed in San Francisco Bay and surfed the Gulf Coast. He comes to Loco Ropes! with decades of experience in retail management and church ministry. "To see Judy's dream become a reality with the potential to impact so many people's lives in positive and meaningful ways has given me great satisfaction," says Bob. "I'm so proud of her!" He hopes to see you soon up in the trees.

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Assistant Operations Manager   Billy Armstrong originally from Tacoma, Washington moved to Arkansas in 1994. He graduated from Concord High School in 2003 and LYON College in 2007. That year Billy moved back to Tacoma Washington and took a job for a Construction Company Trademaster Global. There he had his first experience in a harness. In 2012 Billy moved back to Arkansas and took a job here at Loco Ropes! Today Billy enjoys the simple things in Life; spending time with his girlfriend Ashley, watching movies, and gaming it up on PS 4.

Senior Elite High Wire Facilitator   Born in North East Texas, Kari Bearden grew up riding horses, making homemade ice cream, and listening to classic rock. She moved to beautiful Arkansas in 2004, and enjoys camping, digging for crystals, canoeing, kayaking, and spending time with her family and animals. Kari began working at Loco Ropes! in 2011. In 2015 she graduated from Arkansas Tech with her Bachelor’s degree in early childhood education. She loves being up in the trees and seeing people overcome their fears.

Elite High Wire Facilitator  Grant Doolin was born in Newport, Arkansas and has spent most of his life growing up and living in Mountain View.  He graduated from Ozarka with an Associate of Arts Degree.  He also works for the U.S. Forest Service and is pursuing a full time position for forest fire and travelling around.  Grant enjoys hunting, fishing, hiking, caving, and video games.

High Wire Facilitator  Makayla Hastings was born in Mountain Home, Arkansas and raised in Fox, Arkansas.  She is attending ASU – Heber Springs to get her RN in nursing, and will then transfer to North Arkansas College in Harrison to obtain a degree of Applied Science and Radiological Technology. She may also get a degree to coach softball.  She enjoys playing basketball and softball, as well as spending time outdoors fishing, hunting, and hiking, and climbing trees here at Loco Ropes.

High Wire Facilitator  Ciana Diaz was born in New Jersey and moved to Mountain View, Arkansas in 2011.  She enjoys playing the flute, twirling baton, playing videogames, and hanging out with her friends.  She plans on attending college after graduating high school.  She enjoys her job here at Loco Ropes! and loves to meet new people.

lr! Assistant Manager  Anthony McQueen was born in Austin, TX and moved around quite a bit. From Galveston, TX to the Foothills of Mount Rainier in Mineral, Washington. Eventually settling here in the Ozarks in Drasco. He enjoys fishing, hiking, camping, crystal digging, playing PS4 and playing with his dog Hercules. Here at Loco Ropes he enjoys leading team building events, and helping people overcome their fears.

High Wire Facilitator  Jonathan Pipkins was born in Mountain Home, Arkansas. Shortly after, he moved to Benton, Arkansas where he spent 17 years of his life.  In May of 2017, he, his two sisters, and their parents moved back up north to Timbo, Arkansas. He will graduate from Mountain View High School in May of this year.  He plans to go to Arkansas Tech where he will study for a degree in fisheries sciences.  He also plans to do his favorite thing while there: fish. There is nothing that a good day of fishing can’t fix.

Ground Crew  Alona Hastings was born in Mountain Home, Arkansas, and raised in Fox, Arkansas. She attends Rural Special High School and plans to attend College of the Ozarks after she graduates high school in 2020.  She enjoys hunting, fishing, playing basketball and softball, and climbing trees here at Loco Ropes.

Ground Crew  Julian Duran originally lived in Mountain View but moved away and missed it so much that he had to beg his parents to come back, and this is where he has lived since then.  What he does for fun is hang out with his friends and family.  He also plans to attend the College of the Ozarks to get a pharmaceuticals degree.

Ground Crew  Jondon Jason was raised in Fifty-Six, Arkansas.  He currently goes to school at Mountain View High School.  He’s currently a junior.  When he graduates from high school, he plans to go to college to be a physical therapist.  He likes to hang out with friends, play basketball, and play PS4 with his friends.